Need and benefits

This development will help the area recover from these challenging economic times:


  • Yorkshire as whole is reported to have lost £16.7bn of economic activity over the last year.
  • Kirklees currently has over 25,000 people on furlough with no certainty of a job to return to.
  • Council data shows that that last time unemployment in Kirklees was this high was in 1987, with 6.7% of the workforce needing a job- worse than both the Yorkshire average and the UK average.
  • Kirklees also remains one of the most deprived local authority areas in the UK for income and employment, a position which has got worse since the least measure in 2015.


Kirklees has great economic potential, which is not currently being tapped to secure the benefits which can help address these problems. It has:


  • Higher than average business start-up rate compared to the rest of Yorkshire,
  • Greater number of "micro" scale businesses than the rest of Yorkshire, and
  • The rate of business creation is increasing.


Supporting this small business sector is a fundamental part of the Kirklees Economic Strategy, which looks to drive productivity, improve job quality and promote Kirklees as a place to invest and start a new business. Statistical analysis proves this potential and the Council's economic policies look to make the most of Kirklees' entrepreneurial spirit. This is particularly important in the current economic climate, and the need for more space to provide for Kirklees' strongest economic sectors could not be more pressing.

The provision of space suitable for start-up businesses is extremely limited, and also generally very poor quality. There is no comparable property offer in the District. This sector comprises nearly 90% of Kirklees businesses and over 20% of the jobs in the District, but there are no modern buildings to meet its needs.


Without addressing this lack of provision,  Kirklees risks not being able to accommodate the needs of the sector which offers it the best opportunity to recover from the effects of worst recession for 300 years. This development will help to address part of that need.


If planning approval is granted, these proposals could deliver:


  • Up to 114 direct jobs
  • Up to 164 jobs in the region
  • £8m of GVA
  • 20 FTE jobs and a further £2.6m GVA during construction


It will also provide bespoke, modern and high quality start up space, as well as a small amount of "move on" space for smaller businesses.


It is therefore a unique and incredibly important addition to the property market in Kirklees, which addresses a fundamental gap in supply.



For more information about the plans, or to express an interest in taking any new space, please contact Ben Pilgrim.

01904 599 123

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