The plans

The vision for the site is to create modern and flexible business space that is currently lacking in the area.  In total the plans include around 2,292sqm / 24,750 sqft of space.


A mixture of high quality and natural materials will be used in a design that is sympathetic to the landscape and surrounding.


The units will be energy efficient, meeting or exceeding industry standards, and will source materials and conserve resources as much as reasonably possible.


Open green spaces, with dry wildlife basins will connect through the site and deliver a landscaped masterplan for the whole site which delivers biodiversity net gain and enhances wildlife interest on the site.

The development is small scale and will primarily target the needs of business start-ups or micro sized businesses in Kirklees. The development will have affordable rents, flexible terms and will target local businesses with local labour requirements.

The small industrial units will each be around 255sqm. It is possible that these units could be provided to meet other local needs, including a nursery or a doctor’s surgery, which the developer has been told are needed in the local area.  We would welcome feedback on these elements of the proposal.

One of the hybrid units may function as a “business hub” to provide shared facilities for meetings for businesses on the site or to service wider needs of the local advanced manufacturing sector. This is a new product for the area which it is hoped will help support innovation in Kirklees already global leading expertise in manufacturing gears, valves and automotive parts.

The key focus of the development is the hybrid units. The individual units will be set over 2 floors, with each being around 162sqm in size. These will be small, high quality spaces that are not being offered anywhere else in Kirklees.



For more information about the plans, or to express an interest in taking any new space, please contact Ben Pilgrim.

01904 599 123

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