The site

The site is located 3.5 miles north west of Huddersfield, on the outskirts of Lindley. It is currently occupied by the Wappy Springs Inn, a public house. The Nano Park provides a contemporary work space for companies that need a fusion of both office and warehouse space. Green corridors between the high quality development will make the most of the environment both internally and externally.

Planning Context


The site is in the Green Belt, but it is very well contained by strong boundary features so it won’t result in pressure to release more land. The M62 will stop development spreading over into Calderdale. The Council assessed this boundary as part of their Local Plan analysis of the Green Belt and found it to be not "important". The site is a narrow strip of land between two major roads and isn’t an important piece of open countryside. It is also brownfield in part.


The site does not perform well against the Green Belt tests and developing it would not cause major harm to the purposes of having the Green Belt in this area. It would, however, bring considerable economic benefits.


Very special circumstances exist to justify developing this site. These are:


  • The many economic benefits that come from the development.
  • Supporting Kirklees most vibrant economic sector, micro businesses and business start-ups, in the worst recession ever recorded.
  • The lack of alternative places for this development to go. There are no non-Green Belt alternatives that can reasonably provide for this need - we have undertaken an exhaustive search of all property and sites to demonstrate this.
  • The need to provide for the economic sector that is most likely to help Kirklees recover from the devastating economic impact of the pandemic.



For more information about the plans, or to express an interest in taking any new space, please contact Ben Pilgrim.

01904 599 123

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